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Associate Directors Message

Sustainability Plan - burlap sack with the word 'sustainable' printed on it, in green

Sustainability can be an over worked and under defined term wielded to validate almost any initiative. Deliberate definition and precise measures are important to clearly articulate the meaning of sustainability for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). The DDOT sustainability plan serves that purpose.

For DDOT, sustainability does not just mean “green”. It means enduring institutional practices that take the long view of DDOT activities. It allows the agency to preserve the environment and resources for generations to come. This plan outlines the cross-cutting considerations that DDOT assesses in developing transportation plans, policies, designs and organizational practices. In all assessments, DDOT has established measures to chart the agency’s progress and development toward sustainability.

This plan will guide DDOT as it executes its commitment to sustainable practices and policy-making. It will help DDOT coordinate its numerous sustainability efforts and initiate more sustainable practices, policies and programs.

Karina Ricks
Associate Director
Planning, Policy and Sustainability Administration



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