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AlleyPalooza 4.0

The AlleyPalooza 4.0 campaign is Mayor Muriel Bowser's key initiative to focus on alley repair in the District of Columbia. Launched in 2015, AlleyPalooza and AlleyPalooza 2 were summer programs focusing on the reconstruction and repair of eight alleys in all eight wards across the city. AlleyPalooza 3 kicked off in spring 2016 and the campaign was extended to 12 weeks as the city began to tackle more complex alleys.

What is AlleyPalooza 4.0?

This District government's program will provide targeted, expedited alley maintenance services for the residents of the District of Columbia. Mayor Bowser has invested $175 million over the next 6 years in the District's local infrastructure, roads, alleys and sidewalks. AlleyPalooza 4.0 will cost approximately $9.8 million.  


To provide construction, improvement and repairs to 8 alleys in each of the 8 wards in 12 weeks for a total of 64 alleys. 

This is a core activity for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to help improve the condition, functionality, safety and accessiblity of the District's 350-mile alley network. Well-maintained alleys provide convenience access points to buildings, garages, garbage pick-up, and loading docks.

The funds allocated to DDOT are to repair and maintain the District’s road network. The overall need for maintenance and repairs is extensive. Because needs are big, DDOT prioritizes repairs by classification. The classifications are categorized by the following: arterial streets, non-arterial streets, paved alleys and unpaved alleys.

This year, DDOT continues the data-driven approach to its alley selections. The agency developed a new alley assessment tool this year to ensure that the alleys selected for restoration were in the poorest condition. DDOT’s engineering teams evaluated the alleys using the following ratings: 
a.       The condition of the alley
b.      The numbers of service requests
c.       The age of the service requests
d.      MOCR engagement with the ANCs and the community. 

The Locations for AlleyPalooza 4.0
Following are the locations for this year's campaign. Below are descriptions of each alley that will be repaired in each ward.

To see full map including the legend visit this link to track repairs to the alleys during AlleyPalooza 4.Track Alley Repairs

Residents can also track alley repairs in the map below:


AlleyPalooza Q&A

How Can a Resident Request an Alley Repair?
Residents can notify DDOT in a variety of ways:

  1. Call the Mayor's Call Center at 311;
  2. Use the On-line Service Request Center at 311.dc.gov; and
  3. Use the District's DC311 smartphone application.


To expedite alley repairs in the District.

Program at a Glance

  • Program Title:  AlleyPalooza 4.0
  • Agency:  District Department of Transportation
  • Start Date: November 2016
  • Target End Date: Early 2017