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District Department of Transportation

Alabama Avenue SE Corridor Safety Study

Alabama Avenue runs from Congress Heights to Capitol Heights and includes a diverse residential community with schools, churches, and businesses. 

The corridor includes several major intersections and carries heavy volumes of cars, trucks and transit buses. This study provides an opportunity to conduct a thorough assessment of all traffic conditions and safety concerns for all road users. The intended outcome of this study will be improved multimodal safety, mobility and quality of life for pedestrians, bicyclist and vehicles. 

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will follow an inclusive process to identify key improvements and recommendations along the corridor providing a safer, more livable and pleasant experience. 

Study Area
The study area is four miles in length and extends along Alabama Avenue SE from Bowen Road to Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue as shown on the below project site map.

Public Meetings
On Saturday, February 11, DDOT hosted the first public meeting for the Alabama Avenue SE Corridor Safety Study. Residents and other stakeholders provided input on existing corridor conditions and safety concerns.

See the full website on the Alabama Avenue SE Corridor Safety Study. 

For additional questions or comments, please contact Robyn Jackson at [email protected]