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2014 DDOT in the News



December 27, 2014Washington PostTop 10 traffic, transit stories of 2014 in the D.C. region

December 27, 2014: The Washington Post: E-mails show struggle over D.C. streetcar safety

December 19, 2014: District SourceDC Adds 9 Miles of Bike Lanes in 2014 

December 18, 2014: WTOPRevamped Southeast Freeway will open in weeks

December 17, 2014Washington Post: D.C. plans experiment for downtown parking

December 15, 2014: In the Capital: These 13 Maps Will Change How You Look at Washington, DC

December 12, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. apologizes for mistake in 2015 parking permit mailing

December 12, 2014Washington PostSigns of the times: RideDC and Transit Screen’s SmartWalk

December 9, 2014: The Washington Post: Letters show why closing I-395 for Capitol Crossing project is ‘non-starter’

December 9, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. dropping request to shut part of I-395

December 9, 2014: The Washington Post: Gray won’t agree to close I-395 to speed up Capitol Crossing project, spokeswoman says

December 8, 2014: NBC4Penn Quarter-Chinatown to Test District's New Parking Plan

December 8, 2014: The Washington Post: FHWA says a study is needed before it can respond to request to shut down I-395

December 6, 2014: The Washington Post: District Department of Transportation takes back seat on proposed I-395 shutdown

Decmeber 1, 2014: The Washington Post: Little bridge to have big impact on D.C. commuters


November 25, 2014: Washington Business Journal: In D.C., buses will get priority with technology that holds lights at green

November 20, 2014Planetizen: A Planning Career to Help People Share—Bikes, of Course

November 19, 2014: Washington City PaperParking Prices in D.C. Could Soon Be Based on Supply and Demand

November 19, 2014: DCist: DDOT director Brown stands up to opposition to mini-circles

November 19, 2014: DCistD.C. To Test Demand-Based Parking Prices In Penn Quarter

November 18, 2014: WUSATV93rd St. Tunnel closes, Massachusetts Ave & H St traffic shifts for project

November 18, 2014: Tech Cocktail DC: D.C. Using Data to Envision Bike Lanes of the Future

November 13, 2014Washington Business Journal: D.C. regulators approve first phase of Pepco's billion-dollar underground power line project

November 13, 2014CBS Local: Pepco, DDOT Approved to Begin Moving Power Lines Underground Across D.C.

November 13, 2014The Washington Post: Billion-dollar power line burial plan wins approval from D.C. utility commission

November 12, 2014: The Washington Post: Fight over Virginia Avenue tunnel project headed to court

November 11, 2014In the Capital: Map Fix: How to Track DC Roadwork and Other Commute-Ruining Projects

November 9, 2014: The Washington Post: Can new D.C. rules prevent trucks from double-parking and blocking traffic?

November 7, 2014WJLA Channel 7: D.C. kicks off pedestrian safety efforts with Street Smart campaign

November 1, 2014: The Washington Post: As the D.C. mayoral campaign nears end, there is no clear winner on transportation


October 29, 2014WTOPParking agencies get tickets in D.C. too

October 27, 2014: In the Capital: Capital Bikeshare's Contractor Has Reportedly Been Sold to REQX Ventures

October 26, 2014UrbanfulVisions of DC’s “other river” throughout history

October 25, 2014Washington Post: D.C. commits to projects to advance the city’s long-range transportation plan

October 23, 2014: The Washington Post: Bridge replacement on 16th Street NW to create major traffic disruptions

October 23, 2014WJLA: DDOT to construct new 16th Street NW Bridge over Military Road

October 22, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. region’s governments add to wish lists for road and rail improvement projects

October 22, 2014: The Washington Post: Key questions still surround planned opening of D.C. streetcar line

October 22, 2014: WUSATV9: Military Rd. closures begin in 16th Street Bridge project

October 22, 2014: WAMU88: Delays Are Coming: DDOT Outlines Plans For 16th Street Bridge Replacement

October 21, 2014: The Washington Post: Mayor Vincent Gray kicks off moveDC plan

October 17, 2014: The Washington Post: It’s ginkgo season. Watch where you step.

October 14, 2014WTOPConfusing parking signs net thousands of tickets against drivers

October 7, 2014Next CityGoodbye Parking Lots, Hello D.C.‘s Fastest-Growing Neighborhood

October 7, 2014: The Washington Post: A District traffic expert weighs in on whether pedestrians should obey the hand

October 3, 2014AASHTO JournalDC's Streetcars Moving in Test Mode Ahead of Passenger Service Start

October 2, 2014: The Washington Post: DDOT’s streetcar safety quiz: Are we smarter than a second grader?

October 1, 2014: The Washington Post: The latest obstacle in D.C.’s bike wars? Porta-potties.

October 1, 2014Washington PostBike commuting keeps growing in D.C.

October 1, 2014: The Washington Post: DDOT releases updated D.C. Circulator bus plan

October 1, 2014: DCIST: Rhode Island Avenue Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge On Track For December Completion


September 29, 2014WUSA TV 9DC Streetcar begin simulated service

September 26, 2014Progressive Railroading: Long Bridge replacement key to future growth, VRE says

September 24, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. Streetcar could begin passenger service in November

September 24, 2014: CBS DC: D.C. Streetcars to Start Simulated Service

September 24, 2014: Washington City Paper: H Street Streetcar Will Launch Next Week (but Without Passengers)

September 24, 2014: Washington Post: Express lanes, streetcars, escalators: Fall a season for transportation work

September 23, 2014: The Washington Post: More routes, and a fare hike, coming for D.C. Circulator

September 19, 2014: The Washington Post: Park(ing) Day brings parks for a day

September 18, 2014: The Georgetowner: Eastbound Canal Road Braces for Off-Peak Lane Closures Until July 2015


September 15, 2014Washington Post: When buying new wasn’t an option, Capital Bikeshare got used bikes

September 11, 2014: The Washington Post: Is fight over CSX tunnel project headed to court?

September 9, 2014Washington Post: D.C. streetcar moves closer to passenger service

September 9, 2014: The Washington Free Beacon: IG: Washington DC’s Parking Tickets, Speed Cameras Are the Worst

September 8, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. is the Wild West when enforcing tickets for traffic violators, audit finds

September 8, 2014: ABC 7: Ticketed D.C. drivers 'guilty until proven innocent,' Inspector General's probe finds

September 8, 2014: Washington City Paper: Report: In D.C. Traffic Camera System, Drivers Guilty Until Proven Innocent

September 3, 2014DCistProposed Regulations Would Limit Cycling On Roads With Streetcar Tracks


August 28, 2014Washington Post's Express: D.C.’s historic boundary stones are being preserved

August 28, 2014: WUSATV9Making DC neighborhoods safer for pedestrians

August 25, 2014: WAMU: Metro Adds Longer Buses To 16th Street—But Will It Help?

August 25, 2014: WUSA 9: Metro adds longer buses to busy corridor

August 24, 2014: WUSA 9: Streetcar drill on H Street NE corridor

August 24, 2014: NBC 4 Washington: DC Officials Conduct Streetcar Emergency Drill

August  21, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. fixes sinkhole large enough to swallow child

August 18, 2014: WUSATV916th Street bridge replacement

August 15, 2014: Washington Business Journals: Safe passage: New rules demand clear path for cyclists, pedestrians in construction zones

August 14, 2015: The Washington Post: ‘Love locks’ cut from Key Bridge by DDOT workers

August 11, 2014: The Washington Post: DDOT lays out ‘action plan’ for 16th Street NW; no bus lane for now

August 11, 2014GeorgetownerLove Locks Getting Clipped Off Key Bridge, DDOT Says

August 10, 2014: The Washington Post: A spin with the D.C. bicycle crowd leads to a tad more sympathy

August 8, 2014: The Washington Post: City’s response to parking complaint: ‘WE DONT TICKET OUR OWN’

August 5, 2014: PostTVD.C. begins practice streetcar operations

August 5, 2014PostTV: Red light; green light: How traffic signals work

August 5, 2014MetroD.C. Streetcar begins training operators in traffic

August 4, 2014: WAMU: Streetcars Run Into Problems As Operator Training Begins On H Street

August 1, 2014: WTOP: D.C. police remove speed camera from inside Md. line


July 29, 2014Roll CallStreetcars Keep Winning Scramble for Federal Mass Transit Project Funding

July 28, 2014WNEW‘Stroll and Roll’ Pedicab Rides Promote D.C. Streetcar Line

July 28, 2014WashingtonianTree Whisperers: Meet the DC Employees Who Watch Over Our Trees

July 25, 2014The Washington PostPressure builds over proposed reconstruction of CSX tunnel project in Southeast D.C.

July 24, 2014: The Washington Post: The one thing money can’t always buy: Parking in D.C.

July 23, 2014WUSATV9Streetcar testing to begin today in DC

July 23, 2014DCistDDOT To White House: D.C.'s Roads Aren't That Bad

July 23, 2014ExpressA Crash Course in D.C. Driving

July 23, 2014: The Washington Post: All the details of D.C. traffic data are on today’s cover

July 23, 2014The Washington PostMen are worse drivers, reading causes more crashes than eating, and 6 other facts about D.C. accidents

July 22, 2014WUSATV9: Final Preps for DC Streetcars?

July 21, 2014; WTOP: Proposal would put some power lines underground

July 17, 2014Tokyo Broadcasting: Catch the World: DC Streetcar

July 15, 2014WAMUDDOT Best-Case Scenario Targets November Opening For D.C. Streetcar

July 15, 2014: The Washington Post: As tensions rise among D.C. road users, many say police enforcement lags

July 9, 2014: The Washington Post: The lousy state of D.C.’s streets explained in 14 slides and two charts

July 8, 2014: The Washington Post: Possible sinkhole will keep part of 14th St NW closed for 24 hours more

July 8, 2014: WJLA: DDOT proposes "Park-Its" to improve safety for cyclists, drivers

July 8, 2014: The Washington Times: Nearly 40% of D.C.-funded roads labeled ‘poor’ or worse


June 30, 2014; WCP: Office of Planning Neuters Zoning Update, and Then Some

June 28, 2014; The Washington PostCapital Bikeshare works to recruit minorities and low-income residents

June 27, 2014; The Washington Post: DDOT to act on 16th street bus lane, again.

June 27, 2014:  WAMU: AAA lashes_out_against_dc_congestion_plan

June 27, 2014: The Washington Post: DDOT’s moveDC plan gets mixed reviews

June 27, 2014: WCP: This Is the Fastest Way to Get From A to B in D.C.

June 27, 2014: The Washington Post: Residents express safety concerns over First Street Tunnel project

June 25, 2014: WTOP: Capital Bikeshare runs out of keys as new membership soars

June 25, 2014: WJLA: D.C. Capital Bikeshare dealing with membership surge, key shortage

June 24, 2014: The Washington Post: Capital Bikeshare runs out of member keys

June 24, 2014: NBC: Family of 102-Year-Old D.C. Woman Hopes for Reserved Parking Spot

June 24, 2014: Chron: Ramps to I-66 reopen, deemed safe after debris

June 23, 2014The Washington PostThe politics, temptations of parking overhaul in D.C.

June 23, 2014: The Washington Post: One ramp opens, one closes on D.C. freeway

June 21, 2014: The Washington Post: The politics, temptations of parking overhaul in D.C.

June 20, 2014: WUSATV9DDOT denies "rubber stamping" Virginia Ave. tunnel project

June 20, 2014: The Washington AfroCitizens Opposition Increases to Rail Tunnel Expansion Under Capitol Hill

June 20, 2014East of the RiverDDOT Compendium: DDOT's Online Research Tool. 

June 19, 2014: The Washington Post: DDOT’s early commitment to CSX tunnel project in Southeast D.C. irks residents

June 19, 2014: WTOP: Burying of power lines takes a step forward

June 19, 2014; GGW: Four big questions for a Georgia Avenue streetcar

June 19, 2014: DCist: D.C. Metro Area Tops Walkable Urban Places List — With A Warning

June 18, 2014: GGW: Breakfast links: Triggers

June 18, 2014; GGW: Honor Frederick Douglass and DC with a worthy new bridge design

June 17, 2014: NBC 4 WashingtonFlow of Traffic to Change on NW D.C. Street

June 17, 2014The Washington PostPepco, D.C. ask regulators to approve burying more power lines

June 17, 2014: Wamu 88.5: DDOT Report Ambiguous On Arkansas Avenue Rush Hour Travel Lane

June 16, 2014: Washington Business Journal: D.C. streetlight debacle: ‘Pervasive improprieties’ force appeals board to again toss $73M contract

June 10, 2014: Washingtonian: Here Are Four Possible Routes for a North-South DC Streetcar

June  10, 2014: WAMU:  D.C. Unveils Four Possible Routes For North-South Streetcar Line

June 10, 2014: DCIST: D.C. Streetcar's North-South Corridor Route Narrowed Down To Four Options

June 6, 2014: NBC 4 Washington: D.C. Streetcar Expected By End of Year

June 6, 2014: WAMU: D.C. Shifts Streetcar Timeline, Now Says Service To Start 'Before End' Of 2014

June 6, 2014: Washington City Paper: Ambitious Transportation Plan Aims to Predict the Future and Learn From the Past

June 3, 2014: The Washington Post: In the District, a transportation plan that boosts transit and discourages driving


May 29, 2014: WAMU: Streetcar Funding Slashed By D.C. Council, Gray Warns That Network Imperiled

May 28, 2014: The Washington Post: Streetcar supporters say D.C. Council’s vote to slash budget imperils system’s future

May 28, 2014: WAMU: D.C. Streetcar Faces Funding Cuts, Prompting Warnings From Gray

May 28, 2014: The Washington Post: Local motion: Investments by Arlington and D.C. set the pace for a cyclist-friendly region

May 27, 2014; The Washington PostBowser joins calls for better bus service along 16th Street NW

May 22, 2014: WAMUAdvocates Say That Streetcars Move People — and Spur Development

May 20, 2014: WAMU: For Residents, Streetcar Return Will Pose Practical Challenges

May 19, 2014: The Washington Post: Bus improvements urged along 16th Street NW

May 13, 2014: NBC 4 Washington: D.C. Struggles to Keep Up With Growing Number of Bikers

May 12, 2014WUSATV9DDOT: Close to 12,000 potholes filled in 2014

May 9, 2014WNBC4Kalmia Road Crossing Reopens After Six Months



April 29, 2014: The Washington Post: New D.C. transportation chief’s first tangle: whether to hike Circulator fares

April 25, 2014: New York Times: Washington Retail District’s Future Rides on Streetcars

April 12, 2014: The Washington Post: Rival bureaucracies are not the way to manage traffic congestion in Washington, D.C.

April 9, 2014: Washingtonian: M Street Bike Lane Is “Weeks” Away From Completion, City Says

April 8, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. Council’s Cheh gains early support for major overhaul of city transportation agencies

April 8, 2014; GGW: Cars keep crashing on Arkansas Avenue, imperiling pedestrians. When will DC take action?


February 26, 2014: The Washington Post: D.C. to begin Potholepalooza fest in March

February 25, 2014: Washingtonian: District Plans 19 Miles of Bike Lanes in 2014, but Will They Actually Get Built?

February 21, 2014: WUSA 9: Decode the details that could cost you plenty

February 3, 2014: NBC 4 Washington: Circulator Bus Stuck After Sinkhole Opens in D.C.


January 30, 2014: DCIST: Sinkhole Closes Stretch Of Massachusetts Avenue In Southeast D.C.