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DDOT Office of the Director - OD

The Office of the Director oversees and manages the entire Department. The Office of the Director includes the following functional areas:

Office of the General Counsel
To provide the most effective and efficient legal services to DDOT. To protect the agency from liability by rendering legal advice and guidance to agency officials and employees.
Office of the Associate Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)
Agency Financial Operations provides comprehensive and efficient financial management services to, and on behalf of, DDOT so that the financial integrity of the agency is maintained.
Office of Communications
The Office of Communications maintains and supports the mission and goals of the Department through a comprehensive communication strategy that uses media, social media, public outreach, public notifications, etc.  The OC also acts on behalf of the department as the spokesperson striving to promote and improve the image of the Department and the city to residents, elected officials, businesses and the general public.
Deputy Director for Operations
Manages day-to-day operations and activities of the Operations Department.
The mission of the DDOT Office of Contracting and Procurement is to provide contract support to the agency in its ongoing effort to provide for the efficient movement of people and goods throughout the city.
Deputy Director for Resource Management
The incumbent directs the Resource Management for the Department.
Resource Management
The purpose of the Resource Team is to prepare, monitor, analyze and execute the Department's annual budget and federal aid highway program, including operating, capital, and intra-District funds, in a manner that facilitates fiscal integrity and maximizes services to taxpayers.
Chief of Staff
Oversees the Offices of Risk Management/Emergency Preparedness, Integrity & Compliance, and Administrative and Management Support Services.
Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management
The Emergency Preparedness Office coordinates and implements emergency transportation preparedness functions on behalf of the Department. The Office reviews transportation security initiatives, develops emergency action plans, performs public outreach, and ensures the Department is prepared for all levels of emergencies. The Office is also the lead in representing the Department during District declared emergencies when Emergency Support Function #1 – Transportation (ESF#1) is activated and on all regional and District emergency transportation planning boards.
Integrity and Compliance
To assist DDOT employees and management in achieving the highest level of integrity in order that the agency’s external customers receive reliable and efficient services.
Administrative and Management Support Services Branch
Includes the Offices of Customer Service, Operations Management, Facilities Management and Civil Rights.
Customer Service Clearinghouse
The purpose of the Customer Service Clearinghouse Office is to implement the Mayor’s Customer Service standards so that constituents can access and receive DDOT services in a satisfactory, professional, responsible, and timely manner.
Operations Management
The Operations Managers work with the DDOT management team to transform administrative activities from transactional processing to strategically focused business lines that directly support DDOT Administrations’ missions.
Facilities Management
The purpose of the Facilities Office is to manage and maintain the DDOT-owned environment. The Office also provides operational support to all DDOT Administrations in the area of document reproduction, interior space planning and design, land acquisition and development, and construction management.
Civil Rights
The Civil Rights Office assists the Director in developing and administering operational procedures to ensure that all individuals have the right to compete for work opportunities and be protected from discrimination without bias due to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability.
Labor Relations
The purpose of Labor Relations is to provide DDOT with a central resource for fostering positive labor-management relationships by establishing Labor Management Partnerships in DDOT.
Human Capital Management and Development
Provides human resources and training services to the agency. This includes filling vacancies, maintaining data in People Soft and providing employees with training and educational experiences that build technical competencies and certifications. They are responsible for establishing access to Employee Self Service. Also administers the Performance Management Program (ePerformance) that ensures that all employees have a performance plan and are evaluated in accordance to DCHR policy and procedure.
Office of Information Technology and Innovation (OITI)
To plan, develop, manage and provide information technology-related services for DDOT; and ensure that those services are aligned with the strategies, plans and operations of the agency.


To manage the oversight of the entire Department.

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