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DDOT Operations Administration

DDOT Operations - 3D org chart

The Operations Administration seeks to effectively maintain the integrity of public assets, such as roadways, sidewalks, traffic calming devices, streetlights, parking meters, and ensure a safe and user-friendly transportation environment. OA comprises the following divisions:

Transportation Operations Division
Manages day-to-day traffic operations for the District of Columbia.
  • Transportation Management Center manages a 24/7 traffic management center (TMC) which gathers and disseminates traffic and emergency information using a network of cameras and other devices.
  • Roadway Operations Patrol responds to traffic incidents, emergencies and roadway activity in the city with trained roadway patrol.
  • Traffic Control Officers and School Crossing Guards Branch prevents congestion through enforcement and traffic control services at intersections throughout the District. School Crossing Guards assist students and pedestrians to safely cross intersections throughout the District.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Systems Integration and Development Branch is charged to review, assess, integrate, and implement the latest and available technologies to enhance the District of Columbia's transportation infrastructure.
  • ITS Systems Support Branch is to design, install and maintain ITS infrastructure including traffic signals, CCTV, variable message signs, weather stations and highway advisory radios.
City-wide Program Support Division
Manages operations and condition of the single and multi-space parking meters and the District's street, alley, bridge, tunnel and navigation lighting systems.
  • Parking Operations Branch manages operations and condition of all parking meters.
  • Streetlights Operations Branch manages operations and condition of the District's street, alley, bridge, tunnel and navigation lighting systems through a streetlight asset management contract.
Transportation System Maintenance Division
Maintains a functioning, safe and efficient transportation network in the District through field operations, inspection and oversight activities.
  • Traffic Services Field Maintenance Branch installs and maintains traffic control devices such as signs, pavement markings, traffic signals and streetlights.
  • Traffic Signal Section performs minor repairs and bulb replacement to traffic signals.
  • Sign and Pavement Markings Section is responsible for the fabrication, installation and maintenance of all signs on District roadways.
  • Streetlight Maintenance Section performs minor repairs and bulb replacement to streetlights located on local (non-federal) roads.
  • Street and Bridge Maintenance Field Operations Branch performs immediate and preventive road, sidewalk, bridge and alley maintenance work to ensure safe passage while preserving the system. This branch also oversees the District's snow program and DDOT fleet of vehicles.
  • Roadway Maintenance Section maintains the District's Public Highway System in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner, including the temporary and permanent repair of the District roads by supplying labor and materials to affect timely and appropriate response.
  • Roadway Repair Section provides timely and expert patching of roadways, curb, gutters and temporary sidewalk safety repairs.
  • Deep Patching - Speed Humps Unit provides timely installation of traffic calming devices such as speed humps and other traffic calming apparatus citywide.
  • Milling - Spray Patcher Unit provides the removal of worn roadway surfaces and prepares the surface for asphalt over pavement.
  • Paving Unit provides skilled staff to install new roadway surfaces for citywide roadway improvements.
  • Bridge Maintenance Unit provides preventive maintenance of citywide bridge infrastructure to extend the serviceable life of the Districts Bridge inventory.
  • Crack Seal Unit provides preventive maintenance and support staff to seal roadway and sidewalk cracks to minimize the premature degradation of roads and pedestrian footways.
  • Maintainer Unit provides citywide support services, staff and equipment to repair utility cuts and smaller imperfections on our District roads.
  • Sidewalk/Concrete Brick Maintenance Unit provides high quality concrete and masonry repairs to the Districts brick, concrete and historical paving material sidewalks.
  • Alley Paving Unit provides equipment, staff and materials to affect low cost citywide alley repairs to unimproved dirt alleys.
  • Heavy Equipment Operations Section provides heavy equipment and employee technical staff to operate front loaders, earth moving machines, backhoes, milling machines, paving machines and excavators in support of roadway and infrastructure repair.
  • Equipment Maintenance Unit manages the condition of equipment used in Street & Bridge Maintenance Field Operations Branch.
  • Fleet Management manages the condition and utilization of DDOT varied fleet vehicles.
  • Snow Operations Branch partners with agencies and residents in an effort to clear city streets and sidewalks efficiently and effectively to maintain safe passage throughout the transportation network.
Safety Standards Division
Collects, manages and analyzes transportation data such as vehicle crashes and traffic counts. Designs and reviews construction plans for safety improvements
  • Transportation Safety Engineering Branch collects, manages and analyzes transportation data such as vehicle crashes, pedestrian crashes and traffic counts and disseminates it to relevant parties in the agency. Reviews transportation project plans for safety controls.
  • Transportation Safety, Standards and Data Analysis Branch collects transportation data using traffic counters, Smart Trailers, hand held radars and traffic report data acquired from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).
  • Traffic Safety Standards Branch analyzes transportation project and provides recommendations to incorporate safety controls.
System Inspection and Oversight Division
Ensures that the District's public space is safe, beautiful, and complies with DC law. This division oversees and monitors all activities which may impact public space and enforce the regulations governing such activities.


To manage the integrity of public transportation assets and ensure a safe and user-friendly transportation environment.

Program at a Glance

Program Title: Operations Administration (OA)
Agency: District Department of Transportation
Type: Administrative