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District Department of Transportation

Corridor Map

Bus priority corridors provide improvements to help make transit faster and more reliable along the District’s busiest bus routes. These projects may include dedicated bus lanes, transit signal priority, queue jumps, bus stop rebalancing, limited-stop service (MetroExtra), camera enforcement of bus lanes, all-door boarding, and improvements to bus stop access and safety.

The Bus Priority Program’s interactive map allows users to explore the bus priority corridor network and the related projects that are in DDOT’s various stages of planning, design, and implementation. These Bus Priority projects will improve bus speeds and reliability throughout the District, connecting riders to greater opportunities.

Bus priority corridors were identified based on DDOT’s moveDC long-range transportation plan and WMATA’s Metrobus Priority Corridor Network, as well as current and future transit needs. Future growth corridors represent areas where demand for transit is expected to grow over the next 20 years. 

The interactive map for the Bus Priority Program is easy to navigate.

  • Click on the blue box in the bottom left corner of the map to expand the legend panel.
  • Within the layer list, check or uncheck the boxes to turn on and off map layers.
  • Click on corridors and existing projects on the map to learn more.