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District Department of Transportation

Car Free Lanes for Buses and Bikes

Red bus lane in washington dc

DDOT will expand its red bus lane pilot with three quick-build bus priority pilot projects as part of DDOT’s COVID-19 response and recovery. The three quick-build bus priority projects allow for rapid implementation from DDOT’s list of bus priority corridors, require minimal design, and help address current and future needs for Metrobus and Circulator service. Dedicated, car free lanes will allow WMATA and Circulator to efficiently operate as the District enters Phase Two of reopening, helping to reduce passenger crowding and maintain safe distancing on buses. Bicyclists are permitted to use car free lanes, helping to reduce crowding on sidewalks. 

7th Street NW Bus Lanes 

  • Limits: Massachusetts Avenue NW to Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
  • Buses, bicycles, and trucks only on: 
    • 7th Street NW between I Street NW and Indiana Avenue NW  
    • G Street NW between 8th Street NW and 7th Street NW 
  • Right turning vehicles permitted on 7th Street NW to access garages north of I Street NW and to access Indiana Avenue NW eastbound 
  • Expand sidewalks for streateries and safe distancing into the parking lane 
  • Create loading and pick-up/drop-off zones on side streets 
  • 7th Street NW Car Free Lanes Frequently Asked Questions

Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE Bus Lanes 

  • Limits: W Street SE to St. Elizabeths East Campus 
  • Peak-hour, peak-direction bus lanes 
  • Minimal or no parking removal 
  • Buses and bikes allowed in the lane 

M Street SE Bus Lanes 

  • Limits: Half Street SE to 10th Street SE 
  • Peak-hour bus lanes 
  • Minimal or no parking removal 
  • Buses and bikes allowed in the lane