District Department of Transportation

Bus Priority

red bus lane in Washington DC

In 2019, almost as many District residents rode Metrobus as Metrorail each day. However, over the last decade, average bus speeds have declined. DDOT is working to improve bus travel speeds and reliability across the District through bus priority projects and program areas.

For more information about DDOT’s Bus Priority Program or to submit feedback please contact us at [email protected].

Corridor Map

Bus priority corridors provide improvements to help make transit faster and more reliable along the District’s busiest bus routes.

Bus Priority Plan and Resources

View the Bus Priority Plan and Toolbox.

Car Free Lanes

Three Car Free Lanes in high-traffic corridors support improved efficiency in bus travel and create space for bicyclists, particularly as the region returns to work following the COVID-19 public health emergency.

H & I Street NW Bus Lanes

To improve bus performance on one of the most heavily trafficked bus corridors in the District, DDOT made the bus lanes on H & I Streets NW in the Downtown and Golden Triangle areas permanent effective November 2019.

K Street Transitway

The K Street Transitway will transform one of the District's major east-west corridors, K Street, NW, with vast improvements to benefit bus riders, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

14th Street NW in Columbia Heights Traffic Decongestion and Bus Improvements

DDOT installed bus lanes and other street design improvements are being installed on 14th Street NW in the Columbia Heights neighborhood to improve traffic flow and safety.

16th Street NW Bus Lanes

With the goal of responding to bus overcrowding and reliability issues on a corridor that serves more than 20,000 riders each weekday, DDOT is installing a bus lane on 16th Street NW between H Street and Arkansas Avenue.

Pennsylvania Avenue SE Corridor Study

The Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast planning study is focused on improving safety and mobility for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit and vehicular travel from the west side of the Sousa Bridge to 2nd Street SE.

Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE Bus Priority

The Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE Bus Priority project is focused on improving bus operations and safety from Good Hope Road SE to St. Elizabeths East Campus, building upon the pilot Car Free Lanes.

Minnesota Avenue SE Bus Priority

The Minnesota Avenue SE Bus Priority project will identify improvements for bus operations and multimodal safety between Pennsylvania Avenue SE and East Capitol.

H Street NW Bus Priority

The H Street NW Bus Priority project seeks to improve bus speeds and reliability between 14th Street NW and North Capitol.