District Department of Transportation

Evian Patterson

Evian Patterson
Associate Director, Parking and Ground Transportation Division

Evian Patterson is DDOT's Associate Director of the Parking and Ground Transportation Division.

As Associate Director, Mr. Patterson leads parking management, focusing on implementing data-driven parking solutions and providing accessible information and technological innovation. He also serves as an Operations Administration leader for activities related to large special events. This includes planning and implementing taxis and transportation network companies’ access and use of District curbsides. 

Patterson joined DDOT in 2013, taking over management of 18,000 parking meter spaces and services, and the internal and contractor teams that facilitated them. This included overseeing the District parking system’s conversion to smart, networked assets, as well as managing North America’s pay-by-cell service.

Before DDOT, Mr. Patterson managed projects and teams at AECOM, delivering public sector finance and administration reform consulting services throughout the Middle East and East Africa. This included building local, municipal government services in Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Mr. Patterson holds a master’s in public administration from New York University with a focus on public finance and municipal revenue generation. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. In 2016, he was appointed by Mayor Muriel Bowser to serve as an advisor on the For-Hire Vehicle Advisory Council.   

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