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Registration of Out-of-State Automobiles (ROSA)

ROSA stands for registration of out of state automobiles. Automobiles housed in the District of Columbia for 30 consecutive days are required to be registered and display a valid DC inspection sticker and tags when parked or operated on public space. The Department of Public Works monitors for automobiles not in compliance with DC registration requirements. If an automobile has been observed a second time within a thirty-day period, a warning notice may be issued indicating the automobile is eligible for the issuance of a citation and/or impoundment unless one of the following actions has been taken.

Recurring Visitors (frequent short term visits) are to report to any DMV service location, except for our Inspection Station, and prove non-DC residency by presenting their out-of-state issued driver license or identification card, copy of their original lease, deed or mortgage statement and a current utility bill (issued within 60 days) representing the same address and the valid registration card for the vehicle in question. All documents must be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.

If you reside with someone and the lease, deed or mortgage statement is not in your name, you must provide all of the following as proof of non-DC residency:

  • A statement from the individual attesting to the fact that you reside at their home
  • Copy of the lease, deed or mortgage statement and a current utility bill (issued within 60 days) in the individual’s name
  • A copy of the individual’s driver license or identification card issued from their jurisdiction reflecting the same address

You may also complete the request for a ROSA exemption online, or mail the required documents to:  DC Department of Motor Vehicles, Attn: ROSA Exemption, PO Box 90120, Washington, DC 20090.  If mailing, your ROSA exemption receipt will be sent to you within 15 days. The ROSA exemption is good for a one year period.

Temporary residents (more than 30 days) must register their vehicles or apply for the reciprocity permit.

Note: Warning notice or ticket for failure to register in the District of Columbia MUST be issued prior to issuance of ROSA exemption. Bring with you or mail in the warning notice posted to your automobile.

Once you receive an exemption from ROSA, your vehicle license tag number will be entered into the District's ticket management system. The exemption applies to ROSA enforcement only. All other parking regulations still apply, such as residential parking. You will receive a receipt for your records indicating the exemption expiration date (365 days).

If you receive a ticket for failure to secure DC tags, you may contest the ticket online, by mail or in person. You must present the same documents listed for receiving the ROSA exemption.

After the one year exemption period, if you receive another warning notice, you may repeat the exemption process above.

Note:  A ROSA exemption is NOT a parking permit, and it does NOT exempt a vehicle from DC parking regulations. For example, vehicles with ROSA exemptions are still subject to all Residential Parking Permit (RPP) restrictions in effect in the location where the vehicle is parked.

Similarly, a Visitor Parking Pass is not related to the ROSA program, and the use of a Visitor Parking Pass to allow a vehicle to avoid RPP time limits will NOT exempt that vehicle from ROSA requirements.

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